Für Dakar 18 ist ein neues Update erschienen, das sich grundlegend auf die Nutzung und Verwaltung von Lenkrädern und Controllern bezieht. So gibt es nun einen neuen Gerätemanager und einen neuen Geräte-Wizard, um Spieler bei der Konfiguration ihrer Lenkräder, Pedale, Ganghebel und Handbremsen unterstützen zu können. Es soll nun einfacher und innerhalb des Spiels funktionieren.

Sollte es Probleme mit den neuen Funktionen geben, sollten diese dem Entwickler gemeldet werden. Diese kümmern sich dann umgehend um das Bugfixing. Durch Änderungen am Code kann es übrigens erforderlich sein, die Einstellungen für Controller zurückzusetzen und neu festzulegen. 

Neben den Neuerungen bei Controllern und Lenkrädern gibt es wieder zahlreiche Bugfixes:

New Features:

  • New: In-game devices wizard
  • New: In-game device manager
  • New: Generic steering wheel, pedals, shifter and handbrake support
  • New: Gear shifter inputs support
  • New: Steering linearity in controls options
  • New: Gearbox type "Manual H Pattern"
  • New: Gearbox type "Manual H Pattern + Clutch"
  • New: It is now not possible to engage a gear without pressing clutch when using ManualHPattern + Clutch type of gearbox

Features improved:

  • Improved: Fanatec steering wheel force feedback support
  • Improved: Updated Road Book of Stage 14
  • Improved: Updated Road Book of Stage 6B and subtitles
  • Improved: Updated Road Book of Stage 12 
  • Improved: Sensibility and inverted camera options for vehicles and characters
  • Improved: Rebind tweaked to allow user to begin input action rebind with one input device and then press a key with another input device
  • Improved: General vehicle steering behavior (less understeer throughout)
  • Improved: Cockpit / Hood camera inertia
  • Improved: Real Time ranking during race now show the number of validated waypoints by each team
  • Improved: Front camera on trucks now at windshield height, not bumper height
  • Improved: Vehicles decreased steering with speed was too high (this is ignored for wheel devices)
  • Improved: Rain effect improvements and other particles

General Bugs fixed:

  • Fixed: Engine audio could stop playing during gameplay
  • Fixed: Steering limited by speed when using a steering wheel device
  • Fixed: Handbrake input issues
  • Fixed: SteamVR and OculusVR starting up on game startup
  • Fixed: Blown tires sometimes cause vehicle to become non drive-able
  • Fixed: AI have trouble at a CP when tires have too much damage
  • Fixed: In Multiplayer when leaving a CP, clients may end up with wrong gear
  • Fixed: Sometimes state of game become corrupted after finishing a stage
  • Fixed: Sometimes game freezes when crossing the finish line
  • Fixed: When on a treasure hunt, driven kilometers were not counted
  • Fixed: Steering lerp are disabled when using keyboard / mouse / gamepad while a steering wheel was connected
  • Fixed: Having a disqualify right after a checkpoint save game, sometimes enter an endless loop when loading last waypoint
  • Fixed: Characters can damage vehicles by hitting them
  • Fixed: In splitscreen when changing game settings, only the first player is notified
  • Fixed: Overall career rankings could become wrong when progressing through the career stages
  • Fixed: Inconsistent career overall rankings
  • Fixed: Force feedback was not stopped when alt-tabbing
  • Fixed: At the Bivouac, the Road Book part "B" wasn't visible
  • Fixed: Mirror render targets were not affected by day time
  • Fixed: The total number of waypoints on the progression bar is now correct
  • Fixed: Cyril Despres Peugeot 3008 texture error
  • Fixed: After leaving control points in auto pilot mode, the vehicle current gear is now properly maintained even if it changes from automatic to manual gear box
  • Fixed: Profile bar not showing the correct amount of DPs on main menu
  • Fixed: Issues with multiple hooks in MP
  • Fixed: Road Book on Stage12A Note 52 wrong CAP
  • Fixed: Road Book on Stage13B Note 82 wrong Kilometers



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