Seit dem Release von Dakar 18 am 25. September gab es einige Aktualisierungen, die für das Rennspiel erschienen sind. In insgesamt 7 Updates wurden nicht nur unterschiedliche Absturzursachen behoben, sondern auch einige Dinge optimiert und Fehler in diversen Bereichen beseitigt. Die größten Optimierungen wurden nach Problemen jedoch im Bereich "Lenkräder" vorgenommen und auch die KI hat Anpassungen erhalten. Im Folgenden gibt es die Changelogs von Version v.01 bis v.07 im Überblick:

Update v.01

  • Fixed: Player would lose input when doing Last Waypoint during ragdoll
  • Fixed: D-PAD locked input
  • Fixed: Potential crash in force feedback
  • Fixed: Potential crash in multiplayer online


Update v.02

  • Fixed: Crash for client in MP when another player would leave his vehicle
  • Fixed: AI driver would continue to drive even when hooked to another vehicle
  • Fixed: Game could enter an endless loop of Last Waypoint > Disqualification in case a save game would happen when vehicle was in a collision course
  • Fixed: If forcing game to shutdown before loading profile data would reset profile to default


Update v.03

  • Fixed: Additional peripherals no longer interfere with the steering wheel's input


Update v.04

Steering wheel improvements:

  • Fanatec generic steering wheels are now supported
  • Logitech G920 steering wheel is now supported
  • Action and axis mapping for Steering Wheels implemented in the Control Options
  • Added external configuration file for unknown Steering Wheels (check technical documentation)

General improvements:

  • Several art fixes and improvements in the game world
  • Race ground flags have collision disabled for vehicles (temporarily while implementing flag dynamics)
  • Metal street sign on Tutorial level is now destructible
  • Improved storm Visual Fx: lightning bolt, rain and sparks particle effects
  • Tweaked moonlight color values to be more accurate
  • Adjusted clouds and horizon color intensity
  • Improved overall vehicle damage model
  • Improvements to the replication of vehicles in multiplayer
  • Added keyboard input to the shovel excavation action

General bug fixes:

  • Fixed: General adjustments on some Road Books
  • Fixed: Gear box won't break and staying in neutro when exiting an Passage Control waypoint
  • Fixed: Transmission option don't change when exiting a Passage Control waypoint
  • Fixed: Vehicle damage adjustments according to difficulty (including suspension)
  • Fixed: Force feedback / vibration is now only sent to the device in-use (gamepad or steering wheel)
  • Fixed: Gear box settings now keep the previous settings (career vs not career)

Known steering wheel related limitations:

  • Other USB peripherals, despite Steering Wheels and Pedals are not used yet
  • Clutch functionality is not yet used 
  • Starting the game with a steering wheel may result in right input until the wheel is turned
  • Axis and special buttons may not be yet recognized on some devices
  • Force Feedback stops working when disconnecting and reconnecting a steering wheel in-game
  • Steering Wheel Dpad may be recognized as gamepad input when re-binding an action / axis


Update v.05

Regarding the Steering Wheel devices, our plan is:

  • Support as many steering wheels / pedals / shifters / handbrakes as we can by default
  • Achieve a simple and robust way of allowing any other devices to be configured by the user
  • Allow users to share their configuration presets with others (even with us in case you would like to see it in the official game)
  • Allow default and custom device presets to be fully customizable in the game settings (remove the need to edit text files)

You can find all supported devices at: %appdata\Local\Dakar18Game\Saved\SteeringWheelConfigs, after running the game with v.05 patch.

If you do not see a file with your device vendor / product id, please check on our official guide for information on how to add it.

Devices supported:

  • Improved device management and customization
  • Steering wheel configuration files are now exposed (%appdata%\Local\Dakar18Game\Saved\SteeringWheelConfigs) after running the game for the first time after applying the patch


Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed: Vehicle steering input was not linear
  • Fixed: Issues with manual gear setting in multiplayer for remote vehicles
  • Fixed: In multiplayer, spectating a player using manual gearbox would cause the vehicle to look like being stuck in neutral gear
  • Fixed: If a driverless player vehicle would enter a CP (pushed by another player), the owner of the vehicle would be stuck in character without input
  • Fixed: Clients in multiplayer could not change truck high / low gear (or even see the state in the UI)
  • Fixed: When changes are made to the lobby settings, the session metadata is now updated (no visible effect yet, but part of further improvements to server list that are incoming!)



  • Improved: Vehicle replication is now smoother in multiplayer
  • Improved: Optimized vehicle network traffic


Update v.06

  • Fixed: Multiplayer - Incorrect player count in the server list 
  • Fixed: Characters in "T-Pose" when skipping the intro
  • Fixed: Unknown devices no longer interfere with wheel default bindings
  • Fixed: When starting the game for the first time the devices configuration files were not created properly


Update v.07

We tweaked the steering wheels code. If you find any issues with your device, we recommend to access the Control Settings and "Reset to Defaults".

Features improved:

  • Improved: AI driving is now more realistic
  • Improved: AI behavior changes according to the difficulty mode more noticeable
  • Improved: Truck tires' damage adjusted
  • Improved: Better UI display when picking up a treasure in Treasure Hunt mode
  • Improved: Peugeot 205 T16 engine and gear box improved (it now reaches a top speed of 170km/h)
  • Improved: Wheel particle system management on a world shift
  • Improved: Server list now shows server state ('Lobby' or 'In Progress')

General Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed: NPC vehicles disappeared during world shift
  • Fixed: Some assets had glitches and could end up with different visuals during world shift
  • Fixed: Issue with landscape lowest LOD showing for a few frames after a world shift
  • Fixed: Problem where binding an input, player could end up stuck
  • Fixed: Some bushes were seen inside the cockpit
  • Fixed: Painted green the path on Stage 11 note 30




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