Während sich das Entwicklerstudio SimBin UK um die Entwicklung von GTR 3 kümmert, entwickelt Sector 3 fleißig an RaceRoom Racing Experience weiter. Dies zeigt auch die neueste Aktualisierung, die gestern für das Online-Rennspiel erschienen ist. Sie ist rund 3,5 GB groß und enthält unter anderem einige Verbesserungen an den Strecken, sowie Optimierungen an der VR-Umsetzung.

Auch ist die Grundlage für das "Formula RaceRoom US"-DLC geschaffen worden, welches gestern zeitgleich erschienen ist. Zum Preis von 3,48€ erhaltet ihr ein neues Fahrzeug mit "Turbomotor, wahnsinnigen aerodynamischen Grip und ein unvergleichliches Fahrgefühl." Das Fahrzeug kann in 20 unterschiedlichen Farben lackiert werden.

Der Erwerb ist aktuell nicht via Steam, sondern ausschließlich über den R3E-eigenen Shop möglich.


Das ausführliche Änderungsprotokoll zur Aktualisierung befindet sich am Ende des Artikels.



Formula RaceRoom US - Trailer




Kommt die Unreal Engine 4 für R3E?

Wie mittlerweile bekannt ist, entwickelt das Sector3-Tochterunternehmen SimBin UK an einem GTR3. Als Engine kommt dabei die Unreal Engine 4 zum Einsatz. Ein Jahr zuvor hat Sector3 bereits ein Bild veröffentlicht, auf dem RaceRoom Racing Experience mit der UE4 präsentiert wurde. Doch plant Sector3 eine Umstellung der Engine für das Online-Rennspiel?

In einem Interview mit dem Portal "RaceDepartment" haben sich die Entwickler zu diesem Thema geäußert. Die bei R3E genutzte Engine sei im Vergleich zu Mitbewerbern veraltet und so müsse man funktional einige Abstriche machen, da die Engine nicht mehr her gibt. Bevor R3E aber in den Genuss einer neuen Engine kommen wird, wolle man sich damit zunächst voll auf GTR3 konzentrieren. Erst später entscheide man, ob R3E auf die UE4 umgestellt wird. Wenn es der Fall sein sollte, dann würde RaceRoom definitiv von der Entwicklung an GTR3 profitieren. Dazu zählt beispielsweise der Tag-/Nacht-Zyklus, Wetter, verbesserte Fahrphysik oder die KI. All das aber - wie genannt - erst, wenn die Zeit dazu reif ist.

Was würdet ihr von der UE4 für R3E halten?


https://i.imgur.com/tibMb0d.jpg(Beschriebene Abbildung aus dem März 2016)




Changelog - R3E - PC

An dieser Stelle folgt - wie versprochen - nun das offizielle Änderungsprotokoll zum R3E-Update. Bitte beachtet, dass das Update im Regelfall automatisch durch Steam heruntergeladen und installiert wird.


  • Shared Memory: Added information on upcoming flag system, updated minor version number. Flag system is currently awaiting UI implementation and made unavailable to players.
  • Shared Memory: Changed how tire wear is reported so it matches the tire wear text in data displays (1.0-0.0 range when tire wear was between 1.0-0.94).
  • Added support for starting the game on any detected screen. The option resides in General Video Settings. Fullscreen changes are only applying after a game restart.
  • Fixed an issue with updating a profile avatar with the game in fullscreen where the dialogue box would appear behind the game
  • Added a possible fix for a rare case where only the car shadow of a car would be rendered after switching focus from car to car or from camera set to another
  • Implemented Reputation System that will run and track player incidents. This is in alpha stage and we’re gathering data in the background. Nothing will be visible for players just yet.
  • Fixed bug where opponents session data sometimes caused championship files to be broken due to conflicting ids.
  • Fixed so the game doesn't crash when trying to load championships affected by the bug above.
  • Fixed issue with game window using the wrong style when going from fullscreen to windowed in a resolution that's lower than the default resolution.
  • Fixed a menu issue with percentage stepper buttons not being enabled when switching from minimum<->maximum allowed values.
  • Broadcast : Fixed a case where camera selection requests were resulting in the game cycling through cameras instead.
  • Added an upper deadzone setting for the throttle axis in advanced controller settings.
  • Fixed an issue with DRS getting disabled before the race ends in timed based race sessions.
  • Fixed an issue where the race was starting without the player if Race Monitor was clicked instead of “Drive” at race start.
  • Fixed an issue where the DRS wing animation would remain deployed after the race.
  • Fixed an issue where on certain tracks the result timing was showing A.I. cars doing an extra lap.
  • Made lap times go invalid if player is speeding in the pitlane, so you can’t get fastest lap that way. New HUD overlay to signal it. (Stowe Long is a good example of where pitlane could be exploited to shortcut the first chicane)
  • Fixed a crash that happened in Single Player championships if the player clicked the pit preset button and then the continue to next race button before game entered the pit preset menu.



  • Fixed the issue where a player's contact shadow was being left on the track after disconnecting from the server.
  • Fixed an issue where a time penalty for a non performed drivethrough had no effect on results.
  • Various fixes to some inconsistencies that was occurring on certain IPv4 to IPv6 mappings.
  • Fixed issue with MP results taking a long time to arrive when running a dedi locally where backend communication fails.
  • Fixed issue with DRS animation not working in race sessions for opponent cars.
  • Fixed so multiplayer replays are now marked as such in the Media Hub.


As of the moment of this post, the current SteamVR Beta is causing some issues on one of the eyes in RaceRoom. We recommend that you opt out of SteamVR Beta for now.

  • Rendering through coupled draw calls to improve performance while also taking care of the issue reported that objects and cars would appear 2D from time to time.
  • Multi-threaded some of the rendering to improve performance
  • Added three bindable keys to modify the user’s headset translations multiplier, which alters in-game head movement and eye-to-eye distance. Default value is 0.9.
  • Fixed an issue where the Startup Argument that was set for RaceRoom in the Steam client wasn’t being used when launching game from an external link. (ie a competition webpage)
  • Shortened the distance at which lower poly car models are used.
  • Temporarily disabled the rendering of particle clouds. They’re bugged at the moment in VR.


Sounds, Cameras, Physics & AI:

  • Fixed a bug where H-pattern gearbox cars would receive delays for both up and downshifts.
  • Fixed TV cameras at the bridge and gantry areas for Nordschleife Tourist layout
  • Cars no longer hover a few cm above the track
    Formula RaceRoom 2 and Formula RaceRoom US have a special pitting system allowing them to perform fast pitstops.
  • Reduced bigly the probability of stress induced mistakes by AI’s
  • Fixed an issue where AI’s were accumulating stress by being followed by an opponent in the pitlane.
  • AI’s now ignore cars in the pitlane entrance lane if they’re not on it themselves.
  • Improved AI navigation in the pitlane.
  • Fixed an issue where AI would never start a qualifying lap around Nordschleife 24H when fuel multipliers were enabled.
  • Fixed so only damaged AI or AI’s on their inlap will use the Nordschleife VLN / 24H pitlane entrance by the start/finish straight
  • Fixed an issue where an AI going back to garage during a practice or qualifying session would never go out on track again
  • Fixed AI using up their P2P in the beginning of a race without saving them
  • Many more AI code tweaks to improve awareness
  • Formula Raceroom 3 : Improved the blending of the sound samples
  • Turbo cars : unloaded turbo pressure increased to deliver a better boost from a standing start.
  • Laguna Seca : Tweaks to AI lines
  • Mid Ohio GP and Chicane : Tweaks to AI lines
  • Moscow : added TV camera sets
  • Suzuka GP : Tweaks to AI lines


  • Bentley Continental GT3 : added data display
  • DTM cars : added data display
  • Formula RaceRoom 2 : added data display
  • McLaren MP4 12 C : added data display
  • Tatuus F4 : added data display
  • WTCC TC1 cars : added data display (except Lada Granta)
  • Hockenheim : Smoothed out bumps
  • Laguna Seca : Smoothed out bumps, audience update, updates and tweaks
  • Lausitzring : Smoothed out bumps, audience update, fix to vegetation
  • Monza : Smoothed out bumps, updated the track to match 2016 season
  • Norisring : Smoothed out bumps
  • Nuerburgring : Smoothed out bumps
  • Sachsenring : Smoothed out bumps
  • Sonoma : Smoothed out bumps
  • Zandvoort : Smoothed out bumps

Portal & Backend:

  • Made optimizations to code handling content in portal.
  • Implemented individual car packs system which includes all liveries of a car. Livery packs will roll in very soon. For testing purposes we will start with just one in this case the FR US.
  • Changed so the livery clusters show how many liveries there are in total and how many you own in parenthesis.
  • Added so the essential packs that are purchased show date of purchase when hovering over them.
  • Added so we show prices in real currency based on player currency preference.
  • Changed so cars in which there are still liveries to purchase, the car does not appear as fully owned in store.




Changelog zum Update - steamcommunity.com
Interview zu RaceRoom Racing Experience - racedepartment.com