In etwa einer Stunde wird Psyonix auf allen Plattformen ein kleines Update für Rocket League veröffentlichen. Mit diesem wird unter anderem die Deadzone für den Standard-Controller bei der Nintendo Switch von 0.3 auf 0.15 reduziert. Des Weiteren gibt es Performance-Optimierungen bei einigen Arenen und Bugfixes schließen das Update ab.



Changelog V1.40 - Rocket League - PC, XB1, PS4, Nintendo Switch



  • [Nintendo Switch] Reduced the default Controller Deadzone to 0.15 from 0.3 to better utilize Joy-Con analog sticks
  • Reduced volume of the Batmobile Goal Explosion



  • [Nintendo Switch] Adjusted world detail to improve average resolution in Handheld Mode
  • Optimized the following maps for Nintendo Switch and PC:
    • Utopia Stadium (all variants)
    • Farmstead
      • Maps are optimized on PC when using ‘Performance’ World Detail setting

  • Improved the field texture visuals for the following maps on Nintendo Switch and PC:
    • Champion’s Field
    • Wasteland 
      • Visual improvements on PC apply when High Quality Shaders are turned off





  • Fixed Player Avatars sometimes displaying on the wrong user after someone quit or joined the lobby
  • Fixed missing blowoff valve audio for Octane ZSR Engine
  • [Nintendo Switch] Fixed a rare crash that could occur in the post-match Scoreboard in Rumble
  • Grass is now visible on the Main Menu when using ‘Performance’ World Detail settings
  • Ground Textures now appear on Farmstead when using ‘Performance’ World Detail
  • [Steam] Fixed an issue with Older Urban Central replays crashing the game
  • Quick chat audio no longer sounds when a player joins or leaves a server
  • Goal Explosion audio no longer loops after previewing a Goal Explosion in the Crate Preview menu




Patch Notes - rocketleague.com